Harvesting timber for Staircase handrails


We spent the day harvesting Ash for an upcoming project with our good friends at PJ Taste

who are Sheffield based caterers who provide seasonally inspired dishes using local ingredients.

Peter and the team have a vast knowledge and passion for inspirational, unusual and delicious food. PJ Taste have recently renovated a previous music venue to become their headquarters with an 80 seat dining and conferencing space, in which they provide their visitors with amazing food experiences.

We have designed the staircase handrails, which are to be made from locally sourced Ash trees from a small piece of woodland we help to manage in North Lincolnshire. We have carefully selected branches to fit within the guidelines set by building control for public space handrails and used interesting pieces to follow the walls contours up the staircase.

We will strip the bark from the timber and lightly sand to provide a smooth finish. These pieces will then be assembly and installed to seem as though a tree has grown through the building with the branches elegantly snaking their way up to the first floor dining space. More updates as we progress on the project.